Friday, November 27, 2015

The puppeteers apprentice chapter 7

It is the day of Mouse' first puppet play. While going to get silk she meets a tall man who introduces himself. She tells him that she's the puppeteers apprentice and there will be a play. He says he will be there. Eventually during the play mouse tries to help and messes up the entire play.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The puppeteers apprentice chapter 6

Mouse has started learning by taking care of the puppets and fixing them. Mouse goes inside the wagon to fold some linen, when she sees the knight puppet Alfred and picks him up to observe. Eventually, the puppeteer's voice startles mouse and she drops the knight, breaking his arm wire. After doing so the puppeteer leaves her there in the woods. Eventually when all seems lost the puppeteer comes back. After settling back into the wagon, mouse discovers a godly secret. The puppeteer is a woman.

The puppeteers apprentice chapter 5

After riding atop the puppeteers wagon for a while mouse is finally discovered as she try's to take some food. She begs the puppeteer for education until he gives in and let's her know what needs to be done

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The puppeteers apprentice chapter 4

Mouse awakes from the long night in the inn and she goes out to the stables to see Simon has left. Alice has also departed by now. Mouse harass out on her own to see the market. Here she sees the puppeteers works of art and wants to learn. She is rejected and pulled away by a woman where she is tricked for her coin. Despite her lack of money she goes to the inn and hides in the stables. When she awakes she hides atop the puppeteers wagon where she plans to trick him.

The puppeteers apprentice chapter 3

Mouse is accompanied by Alice and Simon as they find a place to stay. The find a small inn where Simon bargains for their stay here. Alice has to leave to accompany lady Ashby's children

The puppeteers apprentice chapter 2

Mouse has left the manor and is taking refuge in a cart. Her wound worse by the minute. Soon though she is dumped out of the cart where she is greeted by a couple of people. She shares her story and let's them nourish and heal her. Soon she is going to find a place to stay.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The puppeteers apprentice chapter 1

A young servent girl named mouse lives a sad gloomy life in the Dunston manner. She is ordered to watch a cooking chunk of meat when she sneaks off to steal from the forbidden food table. After doing so she is stopped by the man who usually takes the leftovers to the needy, who finds out that she stole and ate most of it. After being punished by the cook and slashed by his meet hook she runs away.